MultiMarkdown 4.7 Released

03/05/2015 9:04:03

MultiMarkdown 4.7 contains the following improvements:

  • As of version 4.7, the OS X MultiMarkdown installer will no longer support ppc processors. You will have to compile yourself for these machines.
  • {{TOC}} inserts a basic Table of Contents inside the document
  • Improve abbreviation matching to include blockquotes, lists
  • mmd export format – performs transclusions but doesn’t parse
  • restructure test suite
  • add a cmake experimental branch – same source, different build system
  • fix error with certain invalid image links
  • update documentation
  • don’t break if heading immediately follows table
  • fix error when parsing multiple files at once
  • allow for raw RTF
  • add mmd_header metadata support
  • improve code blocks in beamer (thanks to marco-m)
  • improve backtick style quotes
  • improve transclusion with nested directories
  • option to show manifest of transcluded files (-x or --manifest)
  • Improved YAML support
  • Update greg
  • Improved Unicode support on Windows when transcluding
  • Strip BOM when transcluding
  • Support “japanese commas” for underscored strong/emph
  • show “–manifest” option in help
  • Other bug fixes

As always, download here.

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