MultiMarkdown 4.4 Released

11/18/2013 20:13:30

MultiMarkdown 4.4 has been released. Includes the following (since 4.3.1):

  • Allow whitespace in explicit links
  • Improvements to the Makefile, including memory tests with valgrind
  • Improvements to the test suite
  • Include the MMD “cheat sheet”
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Remove all known memory leaks
  • Improved processing inside HTML elements
  • Improvements to compatibility mode
  • Allow multibyte characters in labels (e.g. headers)
  • Use strtok_r instead of strtok for thread-safety
  • Allow empty list items
  • Don’t require a blank line after a horizontal rule
  • Put “return link” at end of last paragraph of footnote instead of first para
  • --random option to generate unique footnote anchor id’s

Briefly, this should be the most stable build of MMD yet.

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