Help me create a logo!

09/21/2011 13:53:19

I’ve been struggling with creating a logo/icon for my MultiMarkdown text editor, and I realized that part of the problem is that I don’t have one for MultiMarkdown itself.

I’m experimenting with creating a logo, and some of my ideas/criteria are:

  • it should be easy to create in different formats (e.g. bitmap, vector)
  • it should scale readily to different sizes/resolutions and remain recognizable
  • it should symbolize some of the core features of MultiMarkdown:
    • one input, multiple outputs
    • simple
  • it may or may not reference Markdown, or the Gruber/daring fireball star icon (but clearly would have to be different!!!)

For a while I have been intrigued by Context Free, an application for taking a short program that can be run recursively to generate rather interesting graphics. It can easily export to PNG or SVG, which can then be used to create almost any image format necessary (PDF, TIFF, whatever). It also allows you to define pixel-perfect accuracy when necessary, or allow something more organic.

A few of my prior graphics are available here as examples, but the gallery is far more interesting. The app can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Even if you have no interest in my logo woes, it’s a great app to check out.

If anyone is interested, feel free to submit ideas for an official MultiMarkdown logo, either using Context Free, or the format of your choosing (I could always replicate it as CF if appropriate). If I choose one, it would be used as the official logo for the MultiMarkdown open-source project, and would likely be modified to create an application/document icon for the paid application. If I choose a winner, or a submission directly leads me to my own version of an icon, I’ll get the submitter a free license to the MultiMarkdown Composer application when it’s released. Obviously, if you submit one for me to use, you’re giving me permission to use the design. I would put a notice giving credit to you somewhere on the web site, and in any other MultiMarkdown-related apps that come about.

If you want to submit something, either email it to me, or put it on a web page somewhere and email me the link, or email to the discussion list if you want to invite commentary.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Hey did you get your logo? I recommend adding an M to the existing markdown logo. See the reason why it is so good is in an article:

Good luck Tom

I haven’t done much with it, but probably the closest thing to an official MMD logo is the logotype that was embedded in the Composer icon. The stack of papers is for Composer, but the [mmd]on top is for MultiMarkdown.

I’m not really a fan of the logo you pointed to (to each his/her own, I suppose), and to my knowledge Gruber has never specified an official logo for Markdown.