MultiMarkdown QuickLook Generators

02/26/2011 09:53:46

For anyone using MultiMarkdown 3.0 with Mac OS X, I have released two QuickLook generators — one for text files, and one for OPML files that contain MultiMarkdown text.

These generators are installed in ~/Library/QuickLook. After installing them, you should log out and log back in to trigger a refresh.

I just released the “official” versions; I had released unofficial versions the other day. There’s no real difference, but they are now built off of my github project (which is a fork from the original qlmarkdown) and are slightly more polished behind the scenes.

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Old Comments

Thanks for the QuickLook generators. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work on my install of Snow Leopard.

I have MultiMarkdown installed in the “common” location ~/Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown (although I image that doesn’t even matter for the QL generator).

I’ve logged in and out to refresh the quicklooks (incidently, you can just type qlmanage -r at the Terminal to do the same thing without loggin out), but trying to preview a text file only show the icon in the pop-up window, not the text.

Looking at the console I saw the following message

2011-03-06 12.35.26 quicklookd32[320] launching /usr/local/bin/multimarkdown

It seems to attempt to launch multimarkdown from the /usr/local/bin directory. This then gives a ‘launch path not accessible’ error.

OK, so I tried copying the contents of the MultiMarkdown bin directory to /usr/local/bin, even though there is no binary file named “multimarkdown” there, only a perl script.

Then I tried to preview the text file again. This time I got a new error:

2011-03-06 12.39.55 quicklookd32[407] * NSTask: Task create for path ‘/usr/local/bin/multimarkdown’ failed: 22, “Invalid argument”. Terminating temporary process.

Any thoughts? Is there something wrong with my install? Should I have some additional file in /usr/local/bin to make this work?

The Common install is for MMD 2. The updated quick look generators are for MMD 3.

OK, great. It works now after installing MMD 3. Thanks.

The quicklook preview doesn’t seem to show Swedish characters correctly, but I can post about that in the Google discussion group…

Discussed on the mailing list.