Automatic postings to MMD discussion list

01/26/2010 13:03:33

Whenever I post a new entry to this site, I want to make sure that it is properly announced. This used to require manually sending out an email to the discussion list. Then it involved using posterous to update my twitter account. Then I switched to a home built CMS, and I redesigned the work flow.

I use a cgi script to serve up an Atom feed for the site, so whenever it is called, it automatically provides the latest entries.

I also use twitterfeed to automatically tweet whenever a new entry is added to the site. This happens automatically within about 30 minutes from when the entry is added.

Until today, however, I still had to manually send an email to the MMD Mailing List. This involved copying the text, and remembering to send an email.

I looked into RSS to email solutions, but the free options I found didn’t suit my needs, and it wasn’t worth paying for when a simple script should do it for me.

So I added a new script that looks for new entries, and when found sends an email of the content to the specified address, appending a link to the entry at the end. It also sends the raw MMD as the plain/text version, and the XHTML as the “pretty” version. The script is called by git in the post-update hook.

We’ll see how well it works, but it should make it much easier to keep everything in sync!

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