Installing Parallels Tools in Ubuntu 9.04 (sort of)

04/29/2009 09:54:21 AM

It seems to take a bit of time for the Parallels team to update the Parallels tools installer for new releases of Linux, which is unfortunate since the requisite software is available for quite a while before an official release…

In any event, you can get most of the functionality even before the official support.

First, try to install Parallels Tools in the usual way. If it works, then you have an updated version of Parallels Desktop, and don’t need this tip any more.

Otherwise, it will likely fail on installation of the video driver and Xorg configuration. But some of the features will be installed. From that point:

edit /etc/fstab and add to the end:

# Parallels Shared Folder mount
none		/media/psf	prl_fs	sync,nosuid,nodev,noatime,share	0	0

then, run the following:

sudo mkdir /media/psf

sudo mount /media/psf

then, recreate the link on the Desktop

cd ~/Desktop

ln -s /media/psf Parallels\ Shared\ Folders

At this point, you may or may not need to reboot, but you can easily share your Mac folders with your virtual machine. The network should be working (though, I don’t think you need Parallels Tools for this technically). Once they update Parallels, you can install the new version and have the video/mouse integration restored.

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Old Comments

I am deeply not only grateful but astonished and impressed by the quality of this tutorial.

It is exhaustive, clear, simple (I’m an absolute beginner, as Bowie sang someday), and efficient.

You just bring THE solution to a pain in the a… problem that bothers maybe thousands of people.

If I was in charge of recruiting at Parallels, I’d offer you a job at once.

Thanks a lot


Thanks for the tutorial. I seem to be running into a small error though after I try to mount /media/psf.

Terminal returns:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'prl_fs'

Any ideas? I’m almost positive I properly appended /etc/fstab.

Perhaps try rebooting and trying the mount again? This error implies that the support for the Parallels “file system” isn’t loaded… I don’t know much beyond that. I’ve only seen this error before following the steps mentioned.

BTW - after upgrading my kernel, I had to follow the steps again. It worked for me following the directions listed, so I don’t think I left anything out….

I got the Parallels Shared folder on the Desktop, and I can see my Mac’s Home folder, however I do not have the permissions to view the contents of it. I realise that is on the Mac side of my computer, but how should I go about opening permissions for every file in my Home folder? Or is there a better way? Thank you for the clear tutorial.

With All Due Respect,


Hmmm… I haven’t had that problem before.

What has happened to me, however, is that sometimes the first time I try to access (usually to write, not read) the shared folder, it gives a permissions error. If I wait a few seconds and try again, it usually works. Also, if I cd into that directory and ls, that usually tickles it into working.

But I have never had to explicitly change any permissions.

Well, I tried what you did, and I got no error message, but I wasn’t able to see any files. After a reboot, I got the error message again. I tried what you did again but nothing changed; I got the permissions error message. I tried ls -l on the folder and it says drwxrwxrwx. Any suggestions? Thanks,


I’m out of ideas…. Sorry….

Looks like the latest version of Parallels finally has support for Ubuntu 9.04 - installed for me without a hitch. Haven’t been able to test everything yet, but so far so good.