My Comments on iPhone Applications

08/31/2008 14:34:47
tags: iPhone

This is just a collection of random thoughts about various iPhone applications….

  • People and WhitePages Mobile have similar features, but People allows you to search for residential listings in your immediate area, without knowing names. Useful for finding new neighbors, etc.

  • SearchQuest GPS - this application has a lot of buried features: it can display the datafrom your GPS (lat, long, elevation, etc), it can email your location (a la Here I Am). It may or may not be able to replace several single trick GPS apps.

  • I like FastContacts better than My Street - it seems to do everything the latter can do, and much more.

  • The games I use the most are definitely the free ones - Morocco and Sol Free Solitaire lately. I shouldn’t have wasted money on the others, but wanted to see what the iPhone was capable of.

  • OmniFocus is fantastic - like many others, I missed having To Do’s on my iPhone, but in reality my computer based to do system was sorely lacking. I have made a concerted effort to try and be more organized — using OmniFocus and Omnifocus for iPhone has made a big difference. It’s far and away the most expensive iPhone app I have purchased, and it was completely worth it. I still believe that GTD is something of a cult, but there are a few tips and strategies in the system (and the book) that have influenced my approach to tasks and projects in a positive way.

  • Having my iPhone stolen (at gunpoint, no less) definitely reminded me of the need for security. I have passwords on the iPhone, as well as the SIM, and keep secure information inside of 1Password. Since I use 1Password on my computer, this is easily synchronized. Having secure notes inside of it also makes it easy to jott free form information there and I know it will be safe. Now, if only there were a “self-destruct” signal, similar to what I understand Blackberries to be capable of.

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