Another thing I like about Movable Type

08/14/2008 16:13:44

After getting MultiMarkdown and SmartyPants to play nice, I realized that all of my old pages and entries were formatted to use either MultiMarkdown or Markdown and SmartyPants, depending on which features were more important. I did not relish the idea of changing them all manually.

Fortunately, since everything is stored in a SQLite database, I figured there had to be an easy way to change everything at once.

There is.

Using Google, I found a page with a solution (since my SQL is not very strong yet):

I modified this to suit my needs:

UPDATE `mt_entry` SET `entry_convert_breaks` = 
'multimarkdown_with_smartypants' WHERE `mt_entry`.`entry_convert_breaks`
= 'multimarkdown';

Now, if I can just get the TextMate blogging bundle to stop defaulting to ‘markdown_with_smartypants’, I will be much happier.

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