05/14/2007 00:00:00

I decided to just go ahead and release what I have as MultiMarkdown version 2.0.b1.

This includes an update to the core MultiMarkdown package, the Drag and Drop applications, the TextMate Bundle, and the Sample Document. There are a couple of significant changes in this release, as well as some bug fixes:

  • change \textwidth to \linewidth in LaTeX export XSLT files (let me know if this causes problems)

  • add Windoze compatibility to the perl scripts (thanks to Jason Bandlow for pointing out this problem, as well as for suggesting a fix)

  • fix issues with glossary support and document the process

  • complete overhaul of the way namespaces are handled (stripnamespace.pl is no longer needed, XSLT files are rewritten, -nonet and -novalid should be optional for xsltproc) (This requires a change in all XSLT files)

  • complete overhaul of the Drag and Drop applications to use the “Common” MMD Installation

  • update to Markdown 1.0.2b8 codebase

  • add optional support for the natbib LaTeX package (\citep and \citet)

The biggest changes are the Drag and Drop rewrites (they’re useful now!) and the namespaces (all XSLT need to be upgraded).

The plan from here:

  • Get confirmation that windows is supported from the perl scripts

  • Make sure that everyone is happy with the namespace changes in the XML (if you don’t understand this, don’t worry about it. If you write your own XSLT files, all XHTML elements have to be preceded by html: (e.g. html:div and html:span).

  • Get feedback on the natbib support

  • Update the Test Suite

  • Track down a few more bugs

  • Release 2.0 (preferably after Gruber releases 1.0.2 final)

Then, I will look towards new features:

  • I think the first required feature will be a syntax for assigning classes to div’s and span’s, as this could be the basis for other new features, rather than continually reinventing the wheel. One option is http://maruku.rubyforge.org/proposal.html. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I am open to input.

  • A mechanism to allow raw LaTeX code (or even better support for raw HTML)

I hope you enjoy this release, and please let me know what you think!

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