09/13/2006 12:54:47

I need to add some more instructions to the MultiMarkdown Readme now, as it is a bit more complicated if you want to use the math features and the XSLT transforms.

More details to come but:

  • To use the math features requires piping the raw MultiMarkdown text through the php tool first, and then the result is passed to MultiMarkdown (or regular Markdown for that matter - the math processing is already done).

  • Because of issues with namespaces and the MathML code, there is now a postprocessing command stripnamespaces.pl

Included in the MultiMarkdown zipfile are some example command line programs that demonstrate how to string everything together. I highly recommend setting up a work flow that works for you, and then using an automated tool to handle it for you. In that regard, I think the MultiMarkdownTextMateBundle is a great tool.

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