Unnamed Backup

07/11/2006 12:58:15



I have had to rename this program as I was notified that there is another backup program out there named rBackup, and that after I released my version they have trademarked the name.

I’ll come up with a new name for my software (I’m open to suggestions) and re-release it with the new name (there won’t be any other real changes at the moment.)


unnamedBackup is a backup program that I wrote for OS X that uses rsync and disk images to work it’s magic. I need to write up more about it, but for now you can download the program:




Thanks to Carsten Blüm for Pashua. With this I was able to stick together a functional (not stylish) gui quickly.


I have not updated this program in quite a while, but I still use it every day via a cron job. It works, it’s easy, and I have been quite happy with it. xrBackup was to be the Cocoa next generation version, but it was more work than I wanted to put into replacing a perfectly functioning tool. Maybe one day, or perhaps someone else will take over the project…

I recommend using the GUI to set everything up, and then creating cron jobs to run the command line version periodically to actually do the backups (I run it every night).

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