Multi Markdown Test Suite

01/28/2006 15:13:23



John Gruber created a test suite for Markdown. I have used that suite to look for bugs in MultiMarkdown, and have found and corrected a few.

Additionally, I have added some further tests that are specific to features found in MultiMarkdown.

Of note, some of the test documents originally used by John contained lines that were interpreted by MultiMarkdown as metadata, so leading spaces were added to correct that (this isn’t a bug, but rather a consequence of the metadata feature.) Also, MultiMarkdown automatically adds id attributes to headers, requiring that the test suite be modified to adjust for this.

Where can you get it?

Download the current version of \MultiMarkdown:

How To Use

To use this software, simply run:

./ --script ~/path/to/ --tidy
	--testdir MultiMarkdownTests

in order to use MultiMarkdown against the tests contained in the MultiMarkdownTests directory.

I have also included the original Tests directory, which are the original versions created by John Gruber. Note that 7 of these tests will fail when run by MultiMarkdown. This is due to the metadata issue mentioned above, as well as the fact that the Inline HTML (Advanced) test contains input that is incorrectly arranged, and will correctly cause a failure when run against Markdown or MultiMarkdown. I do not know if John has plans to adjust the handling of HTML blocks within Markdown to correct for this failure, but I suspect not.

Again, the Inline HTML (Advanced) test should fail.

Also, if you leave off the --tidy option, the Tidyness test will fail for both MultiMarkdown and Markdown.

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