Kinkless GTD

10/30/2005 20:59:46

I wanted to take a moment to mention a nice piece of software I discovered the other day. Ethan J.A. Schoonover released the Kinkless GTD program. It is basically a collection of Applescripts that allow you to manage your projects and to-do’s within an OmniOutliner outline. The scripts synchronize your tasks between different views, and also with iCal (and therefore your palm pilot or whatever).

It makes use of the GTD system. GTD seems to have become a bit more of a cult than I prefer, but it does offer a useful system for organizing and prioritizing the many things one has to keep track of and accomplish. And vast research has shown that when people track a behavior, they tend to improve their performance of that behavior (in other words, when people write down how often they exercise, they exercise more.) And that nice feeling you get when you mark something done is a reward that encourages accomplishing further tasks.

KGTD is still a work in progress - additional features are being added every few days. But it is certainly useable in its current state, and so far I have enjoyed using it. Worth a look.