10/09/2005 12:00:12

In my continuing effort to work out some improvements to a writing workflow (so when am I actually going to write something?), I have created a Cocoa application to help store and track the various notes and scraps of information you need to accumulate and organize while researching.

It’s not a very complicated application, but I think it should be fairly useful, especially when combined with OmniOutliner and my OmniOutlinerMarkdownPlugin. (In fact, I used OmniOutliner to generate the \ReadMe document (pdf and html versions), as well as the WritersAssistant page on this wiki, all from the same source document.) The only tweaks I had to make were to assist with managing inadvertent WikiWords.

So far, I am liking this setup. But I definitely need to put it to use and write something more worthwhile than some readme’s… :)

Check out WritersAssistant.

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