Color Schemes

09/02/2005 16:58:40


This page is a placeholder for links to various color related tools on the web.

ColorMatch 5K

The original

ColorMatch 5K - modified by meddle

This version allows you to type in RGB or Hex codes for your base color. Much easier to use

ColorMatch Remix

You can export your palette to Photoshop or Illustrator ready files. Adds 3 more colors (total of 9). You can enter RGB, but not hex.


Looks nice, and throws in some other color features, but pretty buggy. Try reloading, doing what you need to do and getting out (or reloading again).

Color Scheme Generator

Different Algorithm, lets you evaluate for how it would look for color-blind people

Color Scheme Generator 2

Allows you to choose contrasts, triad, tetrad, etc.

Where’d Ya Get That Color Scheme?

A reminder that sometimes you have to do it yourself

I Like Your Colors

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

ColorToy 2

Win’s award for flashiest presentation, and it has a random function


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