Leaving the US

08/02/2005 20:20:07


I find myself increasing daydreaming about what life could be like in another country, preferably one where this wasn’t happening.

I recognize that not every country even has something like the First Ammendment. But to have it and then want to get rid of it (even if just piece by piece)… That’s shameful.

For a variety of reasons, such as this one, I have begun to think about moving abroad. Surely there are countries that are progressing towards more freedom, not less. Hell, even Iraq is trying to move in the “right” direction, it would seem.

And, clearly, I am not the only person thinking about this.

But then I start to think about this being the easy way out, and that instead one should stick around, and try to be a force for positive change…

We’ll see what happens - but I guess for the time being I will stick around, and see what I can try and do to make things better in my own small way.

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