ICD-9 Coder

08/18/2005 13:38:53

This is an example of what can be created with Tiger and CoreData. Therefore, you must be using Mac OS X 10.4 in order to use it.

Basically, this is a program to help you find ICD-9 codes. Useful for medical professionals, but that’s about it. Programmers may find it useful as an example of what can be so easily done with CoreData, without actually writing any code… I was impressed by how easy it was to tie everything together, and how quickly an 11,000 item database was loaded from a SQLLite file…

Not too bad!!



  • http://fletcher.freeshell.org/downloads/ICD-9_Coder_1.0b.zip - The application itself
  • http://fletcher.freeshell.org/downloads/ICD-9_Coder_Source_1.0b.zip - The source files for the application
  • http://fletcher.freeshell.org/downloads/ICD-9_Converter_1.0.zip - Utility and data files to update the ICD-9 codes database

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