02/03/2005 00:00:00

Well, after having my internet down for a couple of days, I replaced my cable modem and all seems to be better.

After pulling my old cable modem out of storage, I would occasionally have periods of extended downtime. Usually, these would be fixed by a hard reset of the cable modem. But recently, the frequency and duration of these outages was increasing. Then I noticed that the power cord connector was loose, and any time I moved the cable modem, it would disconnect.

Finally, I broke down and bought a new cable modem. It’s working now, and hopefully will continue to work uninterrupted… We’ll see.

PS> I just noticed that many of my journal entries are started by “Well,”. Time to make a concerted effort to stop that! ;)

PPS> I just created a new module for OddMuse, the ClusterMap Module

PPPS> RSS is working again!

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