05/06/2005 00:00:00

I’m still experimenting with CoreData. There are definitely a few features missing that should be there, but perhaps that will come soon. Shortcomings aside, it is still a wonderful tool.

Right now I am experimenting with creating a tool for patients to track their own health-related information. To start with, I will create a prototype in Cocoa, and am using CoreData to model the objects and relationships that will need to be tracked. Much of the modeling would be the same as what would be tracked in an EMR, and I hope to one day re-use the model files for such a purpose.

The concept of the current tool, however, would be to allow patients to record their own health information (vital signs, diagnoses, procedures, medications) into a single program that could then help guide their interactions with their provider. For instance, a diabetes plugin could monitor their information and remind them when they are due for an eye exam, or to have their \HgbA1c checked. It could remind women to have a mammogram or clinician breast exam. Plugins could be created to monitor various screening recommendations, or when prescriptions are due for refills.

Ideally, I would like the program to be written in an environment that can be run on any computer/OS - for instance a set of xhtml files with javascript programs? The idea being that you can use the same software on any computer. Then it could create certain documents that could be given to your clinician, or taken to the patients appointment, to help the patient remember to ask about certain things, or to obtain the necessary data.

It’s still in the preconceptual phase, but I will continue to post progress. But for now, I am enjoying experimenting with CoreData!

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