CSS Naming Standards Proposal

08/29/2005 23:08:55



This page is an outline of a possible standard naming convention for div’s and other bits of web pages. For more information, read more about CSSNamingStandards.

This outline is meant to be edited - please make suggestions, corrections, and improvements. If you’re not sure, head to the comments page. The idea is not to force people to compromise on something inadequate, but rather to get a good core standard that can support what everyone needs.

Please spread the word if you think this is a good idea!

Again, this is only a start - please contribute your ideas for improvements. Things might need to be renamed, re-nested, or altered in other ways.

Some specific content management systems may have some additional needs. If designed properly, however, those can be met by div’s that fit neatly into the outline below and would not interfere with compatibility.

The Model

  • body
    • div - header
    • div - navigationbar
    • div - wrapper
      • div - sidebar
        • div - box
      • div - sidebar2
        • div - box
      • div - content
        • div - contentheader
        • div - box
      • div - wrapperclose (needed for column length reasons - will likely always be empty)
    • div - footer

Other things that should be agreed upon would be how certain common elements should be created. For instance, most toolbars should be composed as a list, as that can be reorganized in a wide variety of ways. This can all be included in the model as more people contribute.

Additionally, certain classes should be enumerated (e.g. external links, local links, non-existent links (for wiki’s), image classes, etc).

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