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08/04/2005 00:29:49


My original website, MyWanderingThoughts, had an RSS feed that could be used to stay current on what’s happening. This wiki is run on OddMuse, and instead of RSS, I am using the Atom syndication format.

The idea is similar to RSS, and many RSS newsreaders will read Atom feeds as well. To subscribe, you can use the link with the button at the top or bottom of the page.

The main benefit on this site is that I have been unable to get full text stories to work with the RSS feed due to older versions of various perl modules installed at my web host…

NOTE: You can still subscribe to an RSS feed of this site, but I like the Atom feed better personally…

11/21/04: Due to upgrades occuring at my web host, the RSS feed is still disabled…

1/23/05: RSS feed is still down… Maybe one day.

2/3/05: Without warning, it appears that RSS is working now. Thanks to my web host for installing the proper perl libraries!

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