TextMate Bundle Updated for MMD 3

04/09/2011 13:57:15

I updated the MultiMarkdown bundle for TextMate so that it is compatible with MMD 3.

The command work differently, so you may have to adjust your workflow a bit.


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Old Comments

The link https: //github.com/fletcher/markdown.tmbundle/downloads/ points 2.0.zip Version 2.0 - compatible with MMD 2.0

is the last “MMD 2.0” a typo and is really MMD 3.0?

Could .mmd be added as a supported extension at some point?

Huh - unfortunately that page doesn’t display the button to download the latest commit, only prior tags.

I added a 3.0 tag to make it easier, and will have to come up with a better link to the current release.

.mmd added to latest commit:


Hi, I have updated to the latest .tmBundle and now I can see that footnotes marker are being highlighted by TextMate, at least at the bottom. Is there a way to make TextMate also highlight the marker within the body of text?

See screenshot here, for example: http://d.pr/f/Osli


EDIT: sorry, the previous url was the wrong one!
this is the correct one:

Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/I8QY


The language syntax would have to be modified to recognize the footnote marker.